The 2015 Best Country Survey ranks Canada first


May 12, 2016 – Millennials have voted – Canada ranks No. 1 as the Best Country in 2015.

The 6,000 millennials aged 18 to 35 years old who took the Best Country survey from around the globe assessed how closely they related to 60 countries according to specific characteristics. Consistently, countries with a stronger gross domestic product per capita also ranked highest.

According to a 2015 TD Economics report by TD Bank, millennials in Canada have a higher rate of employment, homeownership and average income compared to their counterparts in the U.S. In fact, over 50 percent of Canadians between the ages of 25 and 34 own a house and 80 percent are employed.

If not already, moving to Canada just might be the next ideal.


Read the full article at the U.S. News website.


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