Things: Do and Don't in Canada

Những điều nên và không nên làm khi bạn đến Canada

Những việc nên và không nên làm tại CanadaKhi bạn chuyển đến sinh sống tại một vùng đất mới sẽ có khá nhiều điều bỡ ngỡ. Chính vì vậy chúng tôi muốn đem đến cho bạn những tip tối thiểu để giúp bạn hòa nhập với cuộc sống mới nhanh nhất. Nền văn hóa khác biệt, cộng thêm rào cản ngôn ngữ khiến bạn dễ dàng gặp phải những tình huống đứng hình vì xấu hổ. Dưới đây là những văn hóa ứng xứ cần thiết khi bạn đặt chân tới vùng đất lá phong xinh đẹp.

1433592732_sign-checkDo, please do!


1433588185_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0002_11Dress accordingly

Ask for dress code when you are invited to a party/picnic/ other activities, and stay warm/dry in the winter.

1433588175_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0004_18Bring an electrical adaptor

Canada uses different types of plug and socket that may not compatible to Vietnam’s electric products ( Ex: iphone charger).

1433588180_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0006_12Tip your servers

The tip depends on the service but the average is 10-15% total bill. Also, make sure to check your bill, if it already includes service charge or not. You do not need to tip when you are at fast-food restaurants or making to-go orders.

1433588183_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0003_15 Respect wildlife protection laws

For example: Don’t go fishing without a license, drive under allowed speed when there is a sign of possibility of wildlife. Seeing wildlife animal walking or running down on highway is not rare in Canada, so protect the animal and protect yourself.

Du học CanadaBuy health insurance as soon as you arrive

Don’t try to save $ when it comes to your health. Healthcare in Canada is extremely expensive when you are not covered by either provincial insurance or private ones.

1433588025_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0009_1Always keep at least 2 copies of your travel documents

Passport, visa, study/work permit, letter of school…

1433588142_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0001_14Do it yourself

Pack the luggage yourself to avoid any problems at the border security.

1433588197_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0005_5Bring gift

Bring a small gift when you are invited to someone’s house/party. Ex: a bottle of wine, a pack of beer, a cake/dessert…

1433588200_PixelKit_5-Oclock-Shades-Icon-Set__0000_19Good etiquette

Always say please, thank you and sorry. ^__^. Line up and wait, and wait… Sneeze on your elbow.


1433592582_sign-banDon’t please don’t


1444245341_GuaranteeDrink in public

You are not allowed to drink in public, especially in places that have children or youths. You even can’t carry alcohol without cover in public. You will need to be over 19 and provide 2 pieces of government ID in order to drink in licensed places like pubs, restaurants, bars.

1444213483_PinSmoke in public

Same with alcohol, you need to be over 19 to buy cigarette and you can only smoke at permitted areas.

1444213453_LifebuoyCarry parcels, gifts for others without knowing what it is across borders

Even if you know, avoid at all cost. You might become a victim of illegal smuggling/trafficking and it is serious.

1444245303_TagFalse to display or sit on Canadian flag.


1444213504_LollipopLeave your food/drink unattended at night clubs.


1444213425_ToyBe loud. I mean “ DON’T BE LOUD ”.


1444245316_DrillDiscriminate others

Canada is a multicultural society and discrimination is a big no-no. Be open-minded and friendly.

1444245322_CameraPoint your index finger to people


1444213438_HomeStand to close to people

Canadians value personal space, keep a good distance while you interact with them.


1444213459_WallpaperSay you hate hockey.

It is Canadian pride.


1444245316_DrillIf you live in Quebec, there is unwritten rules that you may want to follow:

  • Don’t use F*** work in public
  • It is considered to be bad when you put your hands in your pockets while talking to others.
  • Don’t put your feet up on tables/chairs
  • Don’t say “ewww” or “jerk” to cheese and poutine. Quebecois are proud to be cheese lovers as well as poutine’s inventor.
  • Try not to discuss religious/political belief to avoid conflict. 49% of Quebecois want to be separated from Canada so be consider.
  • Quebecois can speak both English and French but they prefer French. If you decide to live here, you should learn French first.


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